Job Openings for GNC (Guidance, Navigation, and Control) Engineer – Unmanned Aerial Systems
June 7, 2019

Job Description

The job of the GNC Engineer is to design, test, and validate control systems for unmanned air vehicles. The candidate must be knowledgeable in general principles of stability and control, preferably as applied to fixed-wing aircraft.

•Simulation Model Generation and Database Implementation
• Implement equations of motion, environment, aerodynamics, propulsion, gravity, turbulence, and sensor models in 6DOF simulation models
• Create and utilize aerodynamic, propulsion, and mass databases
• Facilitate scripting and model development efforts to support trimming, linearization, and running aircraft flight dynamic simulation in the MATLAB/Simulink and X Plane  environment Guidance, Navigation, and Control Algorithm Design
• Derive subsystem requirements and specifications, including: sensors and control actuation components
• Support subsystem testing and verification
• Control system gain and filter design and stability margin evaluation
• Perform non-linear robustness testing
• Perform system level performance analysis and requirements validation/verification
• Design and implement operator interfaces, autonomous logic algorithms, waypoint following and path generation algorithms for Flight test planning and support
• Provide input for creation of flight test plans by defining required test points and detailed test methods
• Support flight test events and provide real-time monitoring of GNC algorithm performance
• Support post-flight data analysis and evaluation of GNC algorithms and Simulation model characterization
• Verify flight dynamics, flying qualities, and aircraft flight path performance match design requirements and simulation expectations

Support other unmanned aerial vehicle design, development, production, and sustainment efforts which may include the following:
• Participate in wind tunnel testing

• Supports proposal efforts by providing performance data, system descriptions, and acceptance plans
• Supports unmanned aerial vehicles in all levels of the product cycle, including:
conceptual design, development, production support, and operational support
• Maintain engineering documents and customer manuals
• Other duties may be assigned

• Ability to maintain sensitive and confidential information as required by government standards
• Ability to interact effectively with peers and supervisors
• Ability to interact appropriately with the public when necessary
• Ability to adhere to workplace rules
• Ability to effectively communicate professionally in writing or verbally with all levels of personnel


• Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from an accredited institution
• Exposure to composite airframe design methods preferred
• Understanding of autopilot flight control design preferred
• Familiarity with C/C++ software preferred

Kadet Defence Systems (Kadet DS), is an organization in India with a mission to provide indigenously developed products and solution to the global aerospace and defense markets.
Kadet DS specializes in the design and manufacture of unmanned high speed air vehicles and their subs systems.
The products developed are used as aerial targets, decoys, ISR amongst other uses.