Defence & Homeland Security


Kadet Defence Systems manufactures unmanned aerial systems which provide the ideal solutions to the problems and limitations faced by the different government bodies during application of their traditional surveillance methods. Our drone services for surveillance is much more economical, effective and faster way of data collections and number of other key advantages. Our drones are equipped with night vision cameras and other sensors depending upon the mission allowing them to provide imagery that human eye is unable to detect and also capable of entering into confined and narrow spaces with minimal sound. Our drones are capable of collecting imagery, ideally suited for reconnaissance or rapid situation awareness with applications for the ground unit force to detect and monitor potential threats from a safe distance. We also provide ground support and operation services for our aerial target drones at our customer location worldwide.

Our drones can be used for:

  • Event Security.
  • Traffic Monitoring.
  • Air Surveillance.
  • Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Intelligence

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