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Kadet Defence Systems, an emerging autonomous systems company based in India, got its start in 2005 by creating an aerial target for the Indian army but now is branching out into the unmanned systems world, producing and selling an ever-growing fleet of unmanned aircraft, including ones suitable for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

In a contract win that reflects the company’s history, earlier this year Kadet was awarded a long-term contract from the Indian Ministry of Defence for its JX2 Radio Controlled Aerial Target (RCAT) System. In addition to its JX2, since its inception Kadet has also supported the Indian army with its line of Javelin X Aerial Targets.

The company has had two fire power demonstrations of its systems, which were witnessed by defense attachés from more than 60 countries. In one of the tests, the Javelin X was completely destroyed by radar-guided OSA-AK missiles at Operation Brazen Chariots held in Rajasthan, India.

The company has also been supporting state-owned weapon developmental agencies, including Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL). The Javelin X aerial target was the preferred target for the Schilka Anti Aircraft Gun System upgrade program, which was undertaken by BEL in association with Israel’s Elta Systems Ltd., an Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary.

Located in a strategic and developing host country with one of the fastest growing military budgets — and as a natural transition from its target work — Kadet is now venturing into the development of unmanned aerial systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

The company’s move toward UAS was prompted by global demand, including from the Indian subcontinent. Military and range experience built up during operation and ground support of its aerial targets is allowing the company to develop products which are easy to use. The company’s focus expands from training aids to force multipliers that can help save the lives of men and women in uniform.

Kadet’s strengths include in-house product development and manufacture of complete systems at a industry aggressive price. The company has an active research and development team combined with a composite shop assembly line, resulting in all products being manufactured in house and the integration of avionics and subsystems being undertaken at one location. The airframes, launch and ground support equipment are all manufactured at Kadet’s facility in Kolkata, India.

In addition to direct sales of its products and services, the company is attractively looking at the Offset Business.


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